International Society for the Study of the Aging Male(ISSAM)


We will confirm if there are any cookies in use on the ISSAM website, if yes we will need to develop a cookie policy also.

You may have seen and received many emails personally during recent days regarding your consent to continue to receive emails. It is the Kenes view that we do not need to obtain consent from our members, previous members, mailing list individuals to continue to contact them for marketing purposes. This is based on the view that we have a “legitimate interest” to market goods and services to those with whom we have had a prior relationship.

Many associations are choosing to send a proactive outward communication to inform about GDPR actions taken and the updated privacy policy. Many are also asking for consent to continue to send communications. It is our current understanding that neither of these actions are legally required, however if an association wishes to send a proactive communication they can of course do so. If not the advice is to include information about GDPR actions taken and a link to the new privacy notice in the next mailshot/newsletter. If you wish to send any such communication please do let us know.

It is of course essential that any communication includes an unsubscribe option. Our recommendation is also to update the message which appears if the unsubscribe link is clicked to inform that “if they choose to unsubscribe from communications from IPSO this will mean that we can no longer send communications about society activities (and your membership, including reminders for membership renewal)”. We will include this unsubscribe and such a message in our future communications regarding membership.

You will notice in the Privacy Notice that we proposed to continue to hold and use individuals data for a maximum of 5 years post the last activity i.e. 5 years since the individual was last an active member; 5 years since the individual attended a congress.

This may mean we will need to review the membership records and delete/remove data/records as needed.




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