International Society for the Study of the Aging Male(ISSAM)

Strategic Intent

To become a global forum which mobilizes talent, energy and resources in order to address critical issues to allow men to age in health and dignity.

Promote the acquisition, systematization, critical evaluation and dissemination of relevant information

Disseminate information through the Journal "The Aging Male"

Promote and sponsor multidisciplinary task forces and internationally coordinated research efforts for the acquisition of relevant information and scientific advancement and support these by the establishment of partnerships between governments, industry and philanthropic agencies

Sponsor Congresses, Symposia, workshops to provide a framework for franc discussions and for systematization and critical evaluation of relevant information

Promote and sponsor task forces and consensus forums to develop and produce guidelines and standardized diagnosis and treatment protocols as well as external quality control
mechanisms for management and care of aging men.

Assist clinics to provide high quality care for aging men, promote the use of common standardized protocols and assure internal and external quality control.

Commission the setting up of model aging male clinics and provide accreditation to aging male clinics who will use ISSAM protocols and accept ISSAM's external quality control mechanisms.

Formulate education policies to improve quality of life and health care for the aging man.





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